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Welcome to Gaea. The homebrew world which serves as an overarching Multiversal anchor for roleplaying campaigns held under the Infinite Realities banner. It is heavily influenced by 30 years of Sci-Fi and Fantasy pop culture however knowledge of said culture may not be of value as I’ve also twisted said influences to meet my own ends and no direct association with said sources exists in many instances.


Before all others, there was the Earthmother. The first, and for a long time, only, entity formed by the process of merging essence.

An entity of pure, untainted Earthpower, the Earthmother sought only to create life, and to that end, Gaea was created, with the Earthmother merging with, and adopting the name of her creation.

Over the course of many millennia, powerful entities sought to replicate the feat of the Earthmother. Such an undertaking however required almost impossible reservoirs of Earthpower, which could only be gathered over the passage of time, and was increasingly difficult with the growing number of clustered entities, each having developed ego, and seeking to consolidate their own strength and achieve further growth, rather than unifying and risking possible suppression.

As the Earthmother before them, these entities, Titans, as they titled themselves, adopted the name of, and merged with, their creations, inviting outsiders from other realms to create life, ensuring their own survival. On completion of their creation though, the Titan entered a permanent state of hibernation called the Titansleep, losing direct influence over their respective worlds. Thus, the Multiverse was created.

Gameplay in the world utilises mostly standard D&D 5E rules however, any deviations will be detailed on the Houserules page.

Minor deities walk the earth, petitioning those who are wavering in their faith, or are simply undecided/ uninterested. Even these dieties though, avoid the faction known as the purifiers. Once tasked with upholding the laws of magic use, they have since split off from the Arcane Council and now pursue their own agenda.

The Human realms are ruled by 7 Kings, once an Emperor, whom each can trace their lineage, oversaw the vast Empire, but now an alliance and uneasy peace, are all that remains. Elves, Dwarves, and most other ‘civilised’ races keep themselves distanced from the issues of the Humans, both preferring to concentrate on their respective civil unrest.
Quiet, some would say too quiet, for countless centuries, those who have dared to venture close tell tales of twisted and broken abominations from the area to the West known as the Desolation, though none bring tangible proof. A chill wind blows from the North Wastes and the sea-faring Trolls tell of increasingly choppy waters.

Use of Arcane magic is governed and sanctioned by the Arcane Council, and it is them who prospective Wizards seek approval from in order to perform anything more than the most rudimentary of spells. Approval is not required, though it does mitigate all manner of potential issues, not to mention opening up the vast resources at their disposal, should the Acolyte be fortunate enough to gain access.

Gaea is a world of extreme diversity, where everyone is free to be themselves, even if others feel differently.