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The Titans, entities whom represent the Deities of the Multiverse. Detailed below in order of Divine Rank. Gaea Divine Rank: 21 Domains: N/A Status: Dormant Symbol: None The Earthmother. She does not answer prayers, does not confer spells upon followers, and does not respond to query. She simply is.       Ehlonna Gender: Female Titans


Earthpower, in its purest form, exists as a formless, tasteless, virtually invisible essence. Latent energy possessed by all living entities and released on death, into the atmosphere, where it is eventually absorbed back into the Earth, unless directed elsewhere, dispersed by the wind, somehow collected into an appropriate receptacle, or siphoned into spellcasting by those Earthpower


When an arcane spellcaster invokes a spell, they draw upon latent energy contained deep within the Earth, known as Earthpower. Casters are trained to take only what is needed because any more kills plant life and renders the area barren for centuries. With any spell however, they can cast off this measure of self-control in Defiling


Before all others, there was the Earthmother. The first, and for a long time, only, entity formed by the process of merging essence. An entity of pure, untainted Earthpower, the Earthmother sought only to create life, and to that end, Gaea was created, with the Earthmother merging with, and adopting the name of her creation. Multiverse


Historic abuse of magic has scarred the world of Gaea for millennia. Due to this, Magic became almost universally feared and hated. Some Arcane Spellcasters were lucky enough to hold positions of respect, such as an adviser to a Monarch or a Village Elder. Most were considered outlaws and hunted or killed on sight. Thus Magic

Notable Figures

Atan Charl Artist: Antonio José Manzanedo  Race: Human Height: 6′ Atan Charl is a fine figure of a man.                                                             Azrail Artist: Woodworm  Race: Tiefling Height: Notable Figures


A list of current Houserules and/ or Gaea-specific variations to the perceived norm of Dungeons & Dragons 5E.             Demons Vs. Devils Devils do not exist within the world of Gaea. Their language, Infernal, supplants Abyssal as the language of Demons.