The Titans, entities whom represent the Deities of the Multiverse. Detailed below in order of Divine Rank.

Divine Rank: 21
Domains: N/A
Status: Dormant
Symbol: None

The Earthmother. She does not answer prayers, does not confer spells upon followers, and does not respond to query. She simply is.


Gender: Female
Divine Rank: 15
Domains: Animal, Celerity, Good, Life, Nature, Plant, Purification, Sun
Status: Active
Symbol: A rampant Unicorn

Ehlonna’s previously known avatar was that of a golden-haired Elven maiden named ‘Ehlenestra’. In more recent times however she has appeared as a young, slightly clumsy (and prone to falling), dark-haired Human woman, using the name ‘Anastasia “Ani” Benedictus.

Ehlonna teaches that the animals and plants of the forests are gifts, and not to be stolen. She is often the goddess of rangers and druids and opposes hunters and those who would take from the land for fun or profit.

Ehlonna is the patron of good-aligned creatures who love the forests. She is commonly worshipped by Hunters and Trappers, despite her core values being contradictory to their practices. Foresters, Rangers, Woodcutters, and others. Fey creatures, Brownies, Elves, and Halflings are especially attuned to Ehlonna. Clerics of Ehlonna wear pale green robes.

Many Clerics of Ehlonna choose a particular species of plant as their special ward. The consider it their responsibility to see that their species flourishes and that its properties are respected by common folk, often carrying the seeds of their chosen plant with them on journeys.

Temples to Ehlonna are most common in sylvan settings, though small shrines can often be found adjacent to cropfields.

Ehlonna’s services involve vessels of horn and wood, the playing of pipes and flutes, and various herbs. Typical prayers to Ehlonna feature at least two references to positive aspects of the forest. Her ceremonies take place in forested areas where possible, with those held during the day being appropriate for all ages, and those in the evening involving various aspects of fertility, where children, are not present.


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