Earthpower, in its purest form, exists as a formless, tasteless, virtually invisible essence. Latent energy possessed by all living entities and released on death, into the atmosphere, where it is eventually absorbed back into the Earth, unless directed elsewhere, dispersed by the wind, somehow collected into an appropriate receptacle, or siphoned into spellcasting by those with the knowledge (and intent) to do so.

Devoid of sentience, Earthpower will none-the-less, in sufficient concentration, attract any other nearby latent essences. Earthpower combining in this way will promote further such combinations which, if successful, will increase the strength of such, and attract latent essence from further afield.

If no such essence can be attracted, the concentrated Earthpower will begin to dissipate, losing strength and eventually devolve back to its most simplistic form, beginning again the endless cycle of aimless drifting.

If however, sufficient quantities of residual Earthpower combine, a base sentience may be achieved, and a more focused effort to merge with latent essence, with a view to further development, may be triggered.

Such sentient concentrations may, if growth is achieved, develop a very simplistic form of life and, with sustained growth, a more developed ecology.

Should two or more such clusters further combine, the strongest pre-formed cluster will simply absorb the weaker, with growth, or decay, continuing as previous.

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